Welcome to Neighborhood Bath!

Let me introduce myself: I’m Rachel Figueroa-Levin. You might already know me as the blogger Mrs. Levin or as the hyperlocal trouble making editor of the newly-relaunched InTheWoodNYC. Now you can also know me as your friendly neighborhood soap maker. 🙂

I started making natural vegetable glycerine based soaps and dead sea bath salts as an experiment to pass the time (and stay out of the heat) two summers ago when I was very pregnant (and very immobile). Once my daughter was born, my soap making experiments turned into a full-on hobby as a way to pass the time (and stay out of the cold) in the winter (when I was essentially a shut-in with a newborn).

I now sell naturally moisturizing vegetable glycerine soaps that are free of detergents (a common soap additive). Who wants to bathe in detergent? I also make mango butter bath melts,dead sea bath salts,  fizzy dead sea bath salts (like a theraputic dead sea bath bomb powder in a jar), and shaving bars. I have a line of soaps and salts that are all natural and organic using only organically sourced ingredients and therapeutic essential oils. I’m also branching out into using mica clay colorants and gentle fragrance oils to make creative and fun smelling soaps.

If want to use my soaps as shower/wedding/event favors, or want to buy wholesale, contact me at rfiglev@me.com

I make all my soaps in small batches in my kitchen, so I usually don’t have all of my soap varieties stocked in the online store at any given time. I do custom orders however, so if you have a favorite that you don’t see in the store contact me!